• Make-up in style of Harley Quinn

    Make-up In Style Of Harley Quinn

    Looper Staff looper Harley Quinn might still be a relative newcomer to the DC Comics scene, but she's already gone through some significant style and personality shifts in the years since her debut. What moviegoers got to see of the character with Margot Robbie's portrayal in Suicide Squad was just a sliver of her story. Here's a run-down of the most significant moments in Harley's evolution.

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  • How to paint the eyebrows shadows: Step by step instructions

    How To Paint The Eyebrows Shadows: Step By Step Instructions

    Beauty How to dye eyebrows shades: Correctly shaped eyebrows, or a complete lack of makeup on them can ruin your image, even if everything else looks fine. How to choose eye shadow for eyebrows When choosing eyeshadow for eyebrows is usually in front of the girls raises two questions:.

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  • 7 Unusual options French manicure

    7 Unusual Options French Manicure

    Why not go the extra mile and plan an entire experience. Begin with a morning of retail therapy, followed by dinner at a top eatery, a wine tasting tour or a cocktail making class.

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  • Wedding manicure in blue

    Wedding Manicure In Blue

    Nail art is just the thing to elevate your manicure. Similarly, a bit of glitter or embellishment will draw even more attention to your ring and make your close-up wedding photos even more striking.

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  • Liquid Feed for manicure

    Liquid Feed For Manicure

    Top coat 2 Set up your workspace. Nail polish and remover can damage many surfaces such as cloth, wood finish and plastic.

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  • Red wedding manicure

    Red Wedding Manicure

    Spanish as a language has been changed in its accents because of the different people living in. Would have cum in under five minutes between those sweet lips of hers if I wanted to, I guess. yes I think she is so Hot and natural,,I would love to see her..

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  • Correction face: how to do?

    Correction Face: How To Do?

    But here we've got the best ways to tackle these trouble spots, with at-home fixes or with the latest medical technology. Advertisement 2 of 10 Getty Images Dull, thinning hair Childbirth, certain medications, and stress all can cause temporary hair loss, but hormonal shifts that happen around menopause may lead to permanent thinning.

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  • Manicure with the effect of metallic: Photo instruction

    Manicure With The Effect Of Metallic: Photo Instruction

    Gift Ideas Application tips In this section we give you tips on applying your nail colour, how to achieve unique looks with simple nail art examples, and how to use colour to enhance the natural shape of your nails. Application technique for nail colour Always protect the nail plate with a base coat, Mavala or Barrier base, and allow it to set before applying polish.

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