10 Ideas For A Wedding Manicure


Contributing Writer Choose a slide There's simply no reason you have to settle for a basic nude anymore but you can if you love it! See our favorite modern nail colors for brides. Courtesy of Zoya 1 of 11 While wedding hair and makeup might be the first things you think about when planning your bridal beauty look, don't forget this not-so-minor detail: Your photographer is almost guaranteed to get up close and personal with those babies you'll need a shot of your engagement and wedding rings , as are guests who haven't seen it yet.

But bridal doesn't have to mean "blah" when it comes to your manicure.

10 ideas for a wedding manicure

The beautiful solitaire sits pretty atop your ring finger. But, what accentuates your Engagement ring pictures, are your pretty, manicured hands. There are plenty of nail-shapes and nail-designs to choose from. The basic shapes are almond, oval, pointed, round, square, square oval squoval , square with rounded corners, and straight with a rounded tip.

Easy Nail Art Designs and Ideas for 2018

10 French Manicure Ideas for Your Wedding Day

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10 Ideas For A Wedding Manicure

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10 French Manicure Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Showers & Parties

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50 Wedding Nails Ideas White Gold Silver

2. Pink and gold

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1. The French Mani (With A Twist)


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10 ideas for a wedding manicure woman... love Edie's

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Wedding manicure

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10 ideas for a wedding manicure pretty

Our 10 Favorite Wedding Nails From Pinterest and Instagram

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Our 10 Favorite Wedding Nails From Pinterest and Instagram

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Wedding nails

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French nails


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10 ideas for a wedding manicure

1. Metallic

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10 ideas for a wedding manicure Bell Jar Model:

Our 10 Favorite Wedding Nails From Pinterest and Instagram

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10 ideas for a wedding manicure

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