Backstage: Show Marissa Webb


There was literally snow on the black carpet as the year-old actress covered her shoulders with a grey woolen coat outside Lincoln Center. Alyssa Milano rocked a baby-pink necktie to goof around with Marissa Webb at the designer's NY Fashion Week runway show Thursday The Project Runway host was dressed in a pink belted waistcoat over a matching dress shirt, black mini-skirt and gladiator pumps.

Alyssa wore her brown bob in soft curls and looked lovely in her pink lipstick and touch of black liner. The Who's The Boss beauty later shared an Instagram collage from her experience watching the spring collection front row at The Salon.

Backstage: show Marissa Webb

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Marissa Webb "The Look" Backstage Interview New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013

Marissa Webb

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Backstage: Show Marissa Webb

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Marissa Webb

The Scene at Marissa Webb

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Marissa Webb at Barneys New York

Recreating Elegant and Soft Hair Twists

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Recreating Elegant and Soft Hair Twists

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Guess Backstage: show Marissa Webb the stealing specific



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This $299 H&M Dress Looks Like Kate Middleton's Wedding Gown

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AMAZING Backstage: show Marissa Webb via

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September 16, 2014

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September 16, 2014

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show Webb Backstage: Marissa glad noticed

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Backstage: show Marissa Webb

Negative Space Nails are Still Going Strong at NYFW, According to Marissa Webb

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Looks good, Backstage: show Marissa Webb plastic, would

Go Backstage at the Marissa Webb Show With Louise Roe

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Show Marissa Webb Backstage:

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Backstage: show Marissa Webb

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