Brazilian Manicure


Katy, TX This was such a friendly environment. I'm a mother of twins so allot of the things I normally use to up and do. And she was very patient and sweet to the babies even though she had a full salon. I appreciated that because that is rare no days So many good things to say Now the product was awesome this is my first wax since I had the girls and I had cesarean so it's still tender, very little pain and she used sugar wax which is awesome!!!!!!

The best wax I've ever had Di is the best waxer I've ever had.

Brazilian manicure

Two of. Damn April, this. I love watching how you move this slim ass quickly Yeah, she milked him REAL quick. Yummy tits Hot vid.

How To: Brazilian Nail Tutorial

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Brazilian Manicure

Amazing body. ( 718)-433-8934. Only one view chief. super fucking hot I'm starting to really fall in love with Alexis.

New Brazilian Style Manicure Pedicure New York.Nail Salon NYC.Manicure NYC. Manhattan Salon Spa NYC

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Brazilian manicure DIY - short version!

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Valerie Steele, Brazilian manicure Very natural

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Brazilian manicure power


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New Trends: Brazilian Style Manicure


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manicure Brazilian no...that's not what

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Brazilian manicure

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Brazilian manicure recycle

Brazilian Manicures are The Messiest Way to Paint Your Nails

the ending is bs Anyone please tell me who the girl at the very beginning of the video is. Man what I would do to fuck her "ahaha i don't know what you're saying but i'm sure you do this on a daily basis!" She's very shy. but then i came across this video. she is so hot .

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Manicure Brazilian

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