Double-sided Manicure: Photo Instruction


Apply tips if desired now, being sure to blend well, then dust again. Gel does not stick to "shiny", so gently remove shiny oil surface from natural nail. This does not mean etching or roughing up the nail, only gentle removal of oil and contaminants that interfere with adhesion.

A fine grit file or buffer is all that is needed. Removal of pterygium is a different matter, which may require a less gentle touch to eradicate!

Double-sided manicure: Photo instruction

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8 Tips for Taking the Perfect Manicure Photo

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Double-sided Manicure: Photo Instruction

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DIY Double Sided Nails!

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Double-sided manicure: Photo instruction was

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Double-sided manicure: Photo instruction

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Double-sided manicure: Photo instruction

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