Eyebrow Architecture: What Is It?


It is when you raise only one of your eyebrows, so it looks like an arch. Eyebrows serve several functions: To keep dust and dirt from falling into our eyes. The eyebrows play a part in how we use facial expressions and can signal anger, surprise, humor, etc. Tp protect the eyes by reducing the intensity of highly luminated light.

Eyebrow architecture: what is it?

Even when deciding between vinyl versus wood windows,choosing wood replacement windows still requires extensive knowledge of window designs. This is the most important page on this website. Read on and you will acquire a sharp educated eye for distinguishing good from bad window designs.

Eyebrow Shaping Tutorial for Beginners

Architectural Style Guide

The Roman legacy can be seen in Early Classical Revival homes in the southern regions of the east coast, particularly Virginia. Increasingly, however, archaeological investigations of the early nineteenth century focused on Greece as the mother of Rome and shifted interest to Grecian architectural models. At the same time, the War of increased American resentments of British influence.


Examples of this regional style abound north of New York City. They are mostly clapboard with a distinctive look: Locals call this design "eyebrow colonial," named because the line of short, second story windows call to mind a human's brow. A classic "eyebrow colonial" in a saltbox package It isn't, however, an officially recognized name for a house style.

Eyebrow Architecture: What Is It?

Combining An Eyebrow Window with a Dormer Combining an eyebrow window with a dormer is the ultimate in creating architectural character for your home and may be the most remodeling project dollar for dollar. What can an eyebrow dormer do for your home? How can it add value. Where is the impact.

Architectural Style Guide

Famous Examples

A wooden grid of boards overlaid atop an exterior surface. Mansard Roof A four-sided hipped roof featuring two slopes on each side, the lower slopes being very steep, almost vertical, and the upper slopes sometimes being so horizontal that they are not visible from the ground. The Mansard roof was named after the French 17th-century architect Francois Mansart , who popularized the form.

Masonry Being of stone, brick, or concrete.

Etymology[ edit ] The English language-word window originates from the Old Norse 'vindauga', from 'vindr — wind' and 'auga — eye', i. Window is first recorded in the early 13th century, and originally referred to an unglazed hole in a roof. The use of window in English is probably because of the Scandinavian influence on the English language by means of loanwords during the Viking Age.

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Post-Medieval English, Georgian, and Federal

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Post-Medieval English, Georgian, and Federal

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Building the Eyebrow Arch


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With Eyebrow architecture: what is it? Italia October 1994)

Eyebrow Arches - Interior Design Ideas


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Eyebrow architecture: what is it? Waller newest additions

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Eyebrow window

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Eyebrow window

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Norm Abram's Innovative Eyebrow

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Norm Abram's Innovative Eyebrow

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Kate Moss, it? Eyebrow architecture: what is Sant' Angelo Starfish

Examples of this regional style abound north of New York City.


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Eyebrow architecture: what is it?

Key Elements

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Eyebrow architecture: what is it?

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