Eyebrow Pencil: What To Choose?


With show-stopping face-framers being the norm right now, you'd think we could finally dismiss those major brow mistakes as a thing of the past, right? It turns out you may be sabotaging your own gorgeous eyebrows without even realizing it. Remember these tips before your next tweezing session. You'll thank us later! Choosing the Wrong-Color Brow Pencil If you have brown hair, you don't necessarily want to use a brown eyebrow pencil.

Eyebrow Pencil: what to choose?

Eyebrow pencils or brow pencils allude to pencil shaped eyebrow cosmetics used to improve the presence of eyebrows. Rather than the ordinary pencil lead, they have eyebrow cosmetics and look much the same as eyeliner pencil. On the off chance that you have never utilized them, they are especially utilized to outline, alter, fill color and define your eyebrow.

Brow pencils are often applied in areas you need to enhance and in styles you favor, for example, angling your brows past their common top eyebrows, shading them, changing their shape etc.

Easy EYEBROW TUTORIAL For Beginners Using Pencil

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Define, fill and thicken for a more natural brow look that is completely waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and lasts up to 3 days. I have dark brown hair and fairly dark eyebrows, so I took the risk and went for "Brunette" when I first ordered it. Thank god it is the perfect shade!


I love the Maybelline micro pencil. Though the first 2 pencils I got didn't last long because the pencil kept breaking no matter how gentle I applied to my brows. So a lot of product wasted. I recently purchased 2 new back ups but not only did the ends break easy So I can't even have somewhat of a decent amount of the pencil exposed without it bending or breaking off.

Eyebrow Pencil: What To Choose?

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WHICH SHADE AM I!? Find your perfect Benefit Brow Shade! ?

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Eyebrow pencils

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Benefit Brow Review & Choosing Your Perfect Match!

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The Best Eyebrow Pencils for Gray Hair

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The Best Eyebrow Pencils for Gray Hair

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Eyebrow Pencil: what to choose?

5 Eyebrow Pencil Mistakes We All MakeAnd Shouldnt

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Eyebrow Pencil: what to choose?

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