Hroming Fondant Sculpting Technique


Featured Polar Bear Cake A polar bear eating ice cream? What could be more fun and delicious than a snowflake covered cake with a happy polar bear on top? Just the thought of a polar bear eating ice cream makes me smile, and children will be pleased to see that polar bears like ice cream just as much as they do! Polar Bear Backside Aside from the polar bear itself, most of the decorations for this cake are made using cutters of various shapes.

Hroming fondant sculpting technique

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Marbled fondant technique

Technique Thursdays: The Untold Artistry of Fondant Cake Sculpting

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Hroming Fondant Sculpting Technique

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Technique Thursdays: The Untold Artistry of Fondant Cake Sculpting


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Hroming fondant sculpting technique page. black hair



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  • This speeds up the decorating process.
  • Polar Bear Polar Bear.
  • Snowflake on Cake Attach the fondant snowflakes to the fondant covered cake by applying a bit of water using a small paint brush.
  • Begin by cutting small uniformly sized strips of fondant in two alternating colors.
  • Top Tier Scalloped stripes in alternating shades of blue add extra detail to this cake.
  • Rounded Border Set The scalloped edge that surrounds the top tier of the cake is created with our rounded border cutter set.
  • The tappit cutters are designed to cut each individual letter separately.

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Hroming fondant sculpting technique yes

Fondant Quilting Techniques

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Fondant Quilting Techniques

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2nd Fondant Quilting Technique

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2nd Fondant Quilting Technique

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A Dash of Inspiration for Cake Decorating & More

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for sculpting Hroming technique fondant she’s giving


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Hroming fondant sculpting technique

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Sculpting Hroming technique fondant

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Hroming fondant sculpting technique

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