• Foundation Too Dark? Try This Hack!

    Foundation Too Dark? Try This Hack!

    Make up that you could wear at job interview,office,shopping… STEP 1— Cleanse Your Face and hand Clean your face and hand before applying any kind of make up. If you do your make up without cleaning up your face and hand it would cause a breakout and infection.

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  • Backstage: show Marissa Webb

    Backstage: Show Marissa Webb

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  • How to make a clown konturing?

    How To Make A Clown Konturing?

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  • Manicure with rowan: step by step guide

    Manicure With Rowan: Step By Step Guide

    Soak clients feet in warm water with anti-bacterial soap or a professional footbath additive. This serves the purpose of softening the skin, cuticles and nails, as well as cleansing the foot. Remove one foot from the water right foot as they face you , and place it on the towel in your lap.

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  • Do nail nails spoils?

    Do Nail Nails Spoils?

    They have tons of workers so you rarely have to wait and they do a great job. After doing absolutely nothing for my cuticles, my manicurist just started in on my set by pulling out a box of heavily used tools that I doubt has ever seen a sanitizer but I had it in my head that I wanted my nails done that day, by golly. He didn't apologize for this or even acknowledge it..

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  • How to make a tanned face with makeup?

    How To Make A Tanned Face With Makeup?

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