Manicure With Broken Glass


Broken nails are very common in the winter, when the humidity is low and the weather is dry. If you spend a bunch of time scrubbing your house down without rubber gloves, your nails are more likely to crack! You can determine this by examining your toenails. If toenails are strong and healthy and your fingernails are cracking, breaking, and splitting, then it is definitely because of an external component like the ones described above.

Manicure with broken glass

Not long ago, the manicurist began to offer the unusual design of the nails broken glass or broken mirror. This is a beautiful manicure, using different pieces of foil or mica, which form the bulk pattern, resembling shards of broken glass or mirrors. The idea of crystal nails design Technique of performing this kind of manicure requires no special skills, but requires the sequence of execution.

Material for future pieces available in different colours and has a unique holographic pattern.

Shattered Glass nails DIY

20 Sheets Laser Starry Sky Foils Nail Art Sticker Broken Glass Glitter Manicure

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Manicure With Broken Glass

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20 Sheets Laser Starry Sky Foils Nail Art Sticker Broken Glass Glitter Manicure

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Holographic Shattered Glass Nails

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Follow These Easy Steps To Fix A Broken Nail At Home With Or Without Glue

  • How to do a manicure in the form of shards of glass A manicure with the effect of broken glass is not difficult.
  • Polish and paint as usual!
  • Do not forget that any kind of foil is required to secure a special tool, the only way the design will be reliable.
  • You can determine this by examining your toenails.
  • Cut the tea bag to the length and width to cover the crack or break in your nail.
  • Buff and shape your nail.

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Nail effect broken glass

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Nail effect broken glass

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Manicure with broken glass

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Broken glass with Manicure

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Manicure with broken glass

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