Manicure With Glitter


Here they areЕ No 1: The first step is to push back the cuticles to expose a better surface to paint the nails. Make sure also your nails are of the same length for more even and professional finish. Apply the glitter nail polish over the white part of your nails.

Manicure with glitter

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70+ Stunning Glitter Nail Designs

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Manicure With Glitter

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70+ Stunning Glitter Nail Designs

Glod Glitter & Black Prom Nail Design

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? Glitter Gradient Nail Tutorial ?- "Drunken French"

Gradient Purple and Silver Tipped Nail Design

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Gradient Purple and Silver Tipped Nail Design

Blue Nail Polish-Tiffany, Light, Royal, Navy, Baby, Matte, Designs, Colors & Meaning

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Best Nail Polish Colors for Dark Skin Tones

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Tutorial and Tips: BYS Glitter for Nails

  • Let it dry completely and apply a layer of top coat.
  • For an even more impressive finish, make sure that the silver line is glittery and not too matte or gray.
  • Apply a thin layer of top coat.
  • You may not achieve a very precise french manicure line but if you want an opaque tip with a more gradient results towards the base of your nails, this is really nice hack.
  • Repeat the same step for a more opaque and even glitter finish.
  • No need to use acetone remover in this method as excess glitter on the sides can be directly wiped away with a cotton swap or even a toothpick.

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Manicure with glitter dig around and

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Manicure with glitter

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Silversun Manicure with glitter don't

French Manicure with Glitter, Gold, Silver line Designs

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Glitter Manicure with

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Manicure with glitter

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