Manicure With Ladybug


The colors and patterns of both flora and fauna have a great impact on the fashion industry. I am going to talk about a very renowned nail designs known as ladybug nail designs. This design consists of the black dots on red, yellow, or orange base coat. Because lady beetles aka ladybugs have black spots on their red, yellow or orange wing covers.

Ladybug designs have become popular for the vibrant display of the colors associated with black dots.

Manicure with ladybug

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How to Create a Ladybug Design

Ladybug Nail Designs: 15 Ideas to Carry Good Luck

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Manicure With Ladybug

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Ladybug Nail Designs: 15 Ideas to Carry Good Luck

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4D Ladybug with Opening Wings Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial

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Stunning Ladybug Nail Designs to Try

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Manicure with ladybug Russia Miss Mag

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Manicure with ladybug saw these pieces

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Nail Art Tutorial Coccinella/ Ladybug

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Manicure with ladybug Mossy khaki

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ladybug nail art

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ladybug nail art

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sense 90's with ladybug Manicure typical


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Manicure with ladybug

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Sweet Manicure with ladybug are the

Ladybug Nail Art & Nail Wraps

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Ladybug Manicure with


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Christina was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania. She first started modeling in Miami and soon after moved to New York. A graduate of Tufts University with a dual major in Psychology and Art History, Christina sees the foundations of art throughout each area of fashion. Christina enjoys being outdoors, music, movies, traveling, and soccer.
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Manicure with ladybug

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