Manicure With The Effect Of Metallic: Photo Instruction


Look for a good stamping polish. Usually polishes that will cover your nail with one coat will stamp well. Metallic polishes and some matte polishes work very well. Clean the stamping image after before each use with pure acetone.

Manicure with the effect of metallic: Photo instruction

Gift Ideas Application tips In this section we give you tips on applying your nail colour, how to achieve unique looks with simple nail art examples, and how to use colour to enhance the natural shape of your nails. Application technique for nail colour Always protect the nail plate with a base coat, Mavala or Barrier base, and allow it to set before applying polish. Use long, even strokes when applying nail polish - avoid dabbing as the second coat will cover any missed areas.

Dip brush into the polish and wipe off the excess on the bottle neck.

MIRROR POWDER NAILS Step by Step - Nails 21

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Even change its appearance to make it look like metal, ceramic or glass. Here are 4 awesome surface effects for polymer clay: This is the last post in a larger series. Here are the other entries, if you want to check them out:


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Manicure With The Effect Of Metallic: Photo Instruction

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Manicure with the effect of metallic: Photo instruction The

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1. Metallic Effect

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Manicure with the effect of metallic: Photo instruction

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Manicure with the effect of metallic: Photo instruction

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