Trend: Knitted Manicure


By Anush Hovhannisyan Updated on April 20, While having your private wardrobe designed with all its necessary shelves for garment pieces, shoes and handbags, mind not to drop the ball and add another extra shelf for your headwear, the main warrant of your mysterious and off-center look.

Our up-and-coming investigations will definitely give you some tips on how to wear hats and how to match them with your outfits and then it is up to you to decide upon which headwear trend will lead you through the balmy periods of the year. Practically speaking, headwear is a mandatory element of your look while persisting the cold weather or warm sunrays but speaking more fashionably, any type of headwear, be it a wide-brimmed hat or a French beret, does set the tone for your whole outfit, setting you positively apart from the crowd.

The upcoming warm days are urging minimalistic-style-hunter ladies to add fresh new touches to their look by acquiring the first ever hat in their life, while the genuine headwear aficionados have a whole slew of headwear styles at their disposal to effectively amplify their huge collection.

Below, find the hottest headwear trends for summer as spotted on the runways of the main fashion capitals.

Trend: knitted manicure

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Glitter Knit

Winter Nail Trends: Knitted Nails

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Trend: Knitted Manicure

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Winter Nail Trends: Knitted Nails

Knitted manicure

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#1: Brimmed Hats Are Ruling

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#1: Brimmed Hats Are Ruling

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NAIL ART USING FACE POWDER?!?! - Cable Knit Nail Art Without Gel


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DIY Nail Art Ideas

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Trend: knitted manicure are techniques

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Design Fall Trend: knitted manicure Reservations

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Explore Classic French Manicure and more!

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Explore Classic French Manicure and more!

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Nail Trends

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Nail Trends

The Cable Knit Manicure Dresses Your Nails for a Cozy Winter

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The Cable Knit Manicure Dresses Your Nails for a Cozy Winter

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Trend: knitted manicure

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#2: The Craze for Bucket Hats

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Trend: knitted manicure John Brown

Trend Watch: Knit

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Manicure Trend: knitted

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Trend: knitted manicure