Trend: The Gray-pink Manicure


By Armine Karapetyan Updated on December 21, Knowing how to mix and match nail polish colors is the first step to coming up with really inspiring and creative nail art designs , ones you have probably seen in fashion journals or on the Instagram account of an aspiring nail artist. Even the simplest nail designs can look unique, if you have combined the right nail polish colors with each other, while not correctly color-blocked hues can lead to disastrous nail looks, even if you have spent hours on creating intricate designs.

Today wearing a single color on nails is considered too boring, therefore learning the basic principles of creating stylish nail art designs through beautiful color combinations is a good idea. Learn the rules of combining different nail polish colors like a pro for creating outstanding nail art designs. One of the easiest ways of combining two nail polish tones in a single design is the ombre technique, which implies creating a maximum beautiful and smooth transition of the colors on the nails the way to create a pretty gradient effect.

Trend: the gray-pink manicure

A very classic looking nails art that you can easily recreate and pant on just about any season. The Classic Gray Polish When you talk about nail art, you would notice that it has become such a trend that there are new styles popping almost every year. Just like clothes, nail art designs also vary and change depending on the seasons and what is currently trending.

Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 Nail Trends & Ideas

35 Gray Nail Art Designs

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Trend: The Gray-pink Manicure

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35 Gray Nail Art Designs

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Gray nails

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5 Things Your Nails Can Say About Your Health

Trendy colors and designs in nail design

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Trendy colors and designs in nail design

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Recent trends in nail design

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Trend: the gray-pink manicure i'm not sure

Ted Baker London Manicure Set

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  • Matte gray nail polish with colorful glitters and sequins.
  • The bows add a cute touch to the nails and can be instant attention-getters.
  • You can also try the matte gray nail polish with metallic black polish at the tips.
  • You might want to start with the thumb using the brightest or the darkest shade on it and then making your way to the pinky, on which you need to apply the lightest shade.
  • Achromatic color combination is the next technique you can be guide by, in case of which you pick one neutral shade as the primary tone, matching it with literally any accents of bright and pastel tones.

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How To Mix and Match Nail Polish Colors

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How To Mix and Match Nail Polish Colors

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Trend: the gray-pink manicure

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Manicure Trend: the gray-pink

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Trend: the gray-pink manicure

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