Water Marbling: Manicure With Marble Pattern


Those of you who have mastered the technique, I bow down to you. Since then a whole mess of YouTubers have made countless water marble tutorials including lots of great tips and tricks to make the technique easier. I found myself watching a few this morning and got inspired. Find out more about the water marble technique and my adventure trying to recreate the look after the jump!

The basic steps of the water marbling process sound easy enough; drop polish in water, create a pattern with a toothpick, dip nail, clean off excess.

Water marbling: manicure with marble pattern

Marbling is a beautiful way to update your nails. It's not the quickest or the tidiest way to paint your nails, but it's certainly fun and creative. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create some fabulous nail art!

Nail Art Compilation

Water marble nail

Fast Dry Top Coat Preparation: You will want to prepare a glass of water in advance. When water marbling, you want the water in your glass to be at room temperature. Since no one is perfect, I recommend leaving several glasses, or even a pitcher, of water out on your kitchen counter for a couple hours to make sure you have plenty available when you finally start your design.


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Water Marbling: Manicure With Marble Pattern

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Water marble nail

Water marble nails

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Water nails

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Water nails

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Water Marble Your Nails Perfectly!

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Water marbling: manicure with marble pattern momma proud

DIY Marble Manicure


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17 Water Marble Nails

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17 Water Marble Nails

A water marble nail tutorial just in time for spring

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A water marble nail tutorial just in time for spring

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Sleeping pattern Water with marbling: manicure marble Uggs just

The first nail-focused beauty blog


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Water marbling: manicure with marble pattern

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Elle Water marbling: manicure with marble pattern huit

Water marble nails: How to finally master this nail art technique

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With marble Water pattern manicure marbling:

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Water marbling: manicure with marble pattern

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