• Why brown mascara?

    Why Brown Mascara?

    Which is funny, because you'd think it'd be a go-to choice for so many people--particular those who reside in the "pale as heck" camp avec moi. Don't get me wrong, I love a dark-as-night black mascara , but there's just something more natural and soft about a brown mascara that creates a truly feminine and balanced look. Bette Davis actually preferred brown mascara, claiming they were her beauty secret.

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  • 6 tonal means with a light texture

    6 Tonal Means With A Light Texture

    Fourier transform Harmonic spectra. The richness of a sound or note a musical instrument produces is sometimes described in terms of a sum of a number of distinct frequencies.

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  • Tonal essence

    Tonal Essence

    You're not wrong. absolutely fucking gorgeous you've hot a beautiful face bad meme Wow.

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  • New Years make-up for blondes: basic rules

    New Years Make-up For Blondes: Basic Rules

    Service compris indicates that the tip has been added to the bill, but sometimes the wait staff do not receive any of it. The amount of the tip is also critical. For superior service in higher-end eating establishments, a more generous tip would not be out of place..

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  • The Must Have 3-in-One Skin Solution

    The Must Have 3-in-One Skin Solution

    Many people are serious about getting rid of these growths on the skin for good but are at loss for what to do. There are so many different moles remover products that most people end up going around in circles putting their health at risk.

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