How Do Konturing Means Creamy Texture?


Sarah Joynt August 17th, The first time I ever tried to contour my face using makeup was an absolute disaster; granted, I was 15 years old, very pale, and not very skilled at applying bronzer. My mother kindly told me that I looked like I had dirt on my face so I promptly washed it off.

Now, years later, my skills have improved considerably but every time I pick up that matte bronzer I always remember my first try. Contouring is a more advanced makeup application skill that, when done right, can greatly enhance the structure of your face and add definition. When you create a base of makeup, primer , concealer , foundation , and powder, you are essentially evening out your face of any natural shadows or imperfections.

How do konturing means creamy texture?

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How Do Konturing Means Creamy Texture?

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How do konturing means creamy texture?

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How do konturing means creamy texture?

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