How To Apply Cream Shadows? Just 5 Steps


Okay here are the basic steps: Sometimes a serum can be a bit too much makeup for an oily skin type. Or if your serum contains ingredients that make you sensitive to the sun like retinol , then you wouldn't use it in the morning. If you're an oily skin type, don't use anything too hydrating under makeup to avoid getting oily.

How to apply cream shadows? Just 5 steps

Normally called a highlighter shade, this is typically a creamy nude eyeshadow. Use your stiff flat brush to put this on the inner corners of your eyes, sweeping it up and down to gather just slightly on the upper and lower lash line. Apply a light sweep of it as well just below your eyebrows.

Take your color that is one step darker than your lightest - your medium shade.

Perfect Smokey Eye in 5 Steps?! Smokey Eye Tutorial for Beginners

How to Make Eyeshadow Last Longer

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How To Apply Cream Shadows? Just 5 Steps

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How to Make Eyeshadow Last Longer

Follow These Steps

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5 Basic Skincare Rules

STEP 1: Prep the Palette

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STEP 1: Prep the Palette

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Order To Apply Face Products

  1. Start at the outside corner of your eye, and sweep the brush in a half-moon motion up and around to the center of your crease.
  2. But if you only have regular sunscreen, that's fine too.
  3. Blend the outer edges of your eyeshadow as well, so there are no harsh colorblocking lines or sections on your lid.
  4. Great skin doesn't need much foundation or concealer.
  5. But if you only have regular sunscreen, that's fine too.

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How to apply cream shadows? Just 5 steps check your spellings

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5 tutorials to teach you how to apply eyeshadow properly

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5 tutorials to teach you how to apply eyeshadow properly

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How to apply cream shadows? Just 5 steps

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Documentary years How to apply cream shadows? Just 5 steps

How to Apply Eye Shadow

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Shadows? How 5 steps Just cream to apply

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