How To Make The Evening Make-up For Blue Eyes? 4 Options


This look and these basic shades will suit most women. However, the basic steps can be varied by different colours on eyes and lips look at our other suggestions. Since your evening might carry on until dawn, Maggie has designed this make-up to stay put for up to 12 hours.

As with all make-up, the secret is blending, so take time and make sure that each colour except, of course, for your lipstick merges imperceptibly into the next.

How to make the evening make-up for blue eyes? 4 options

Iridescent violet Midnight blue Bright eye shadows are a great way to draw attention to your blue eyes and require little other makeup to make a major impact. Another lesser-known but worthy makeup trend that works beautifully on blondes is white eyeliner. When lined on the upper lid and paired with sheer white cream eye shadow and black mascara, blondes can capture that white-eyed retro look that made Twiggy famous.

For Beginners ♡ Black Smokey Eye In 12 Simple Steps!

Easy, Elegant Eye Makeup Looks for Day and Evening

Reddish-browns Cranberry Since purple is the opposite of green on the color wheel, shades with purplish or reddish undertones will provide greater contrast and make the green more evident in your eye color. Even using mostly neutrals and following up with a deep purple or any other color on the list shadow as a smoky liner on top or bottom will do the trick. If that feels too vibrant, dark, or just otherwise out of your comfort zone, try:


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How To Make The Evening Make-up For Blue Eyes? 4 Options

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Easy, Elegant Eye Makeup Looks for Day and Evening

Your Beautiful Blue Eyes Are Unique

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Buying Shadow for Blue Eyes

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Buying Shadow for Blue Eyes

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Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners

Eye Shadow Options for Blue Eyes

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Eye Shadow Options for Blue Eyes

How To Enhance Your Color

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Selecting Makeup for Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair


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How to make the evening make-up for blue eyes? 4 options Spain March Their

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Makeup 101: The Best Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes

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Makeup 101: The Best Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes


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Complement Your Coloring

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Complement Your Coloring

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Perk Up Tired Eyes

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How to make the evening make-up for blue eyes? 4 options

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#metoo How to make the evening make-up for blue eyes? 4 options Ortega

How to Choose the Right Makeup for Fair Skin Tones

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How to make the evening make-up for blue eyes? 4 options

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