How To Remove The Shine From The Face?


By now removing the shine on the cheek, nose and chin are old hat and easy to do. The challenge now is to eliminate that nasty hotspot on the frame. The first thing to do is to select the shiny area and this is easiest done with the Quick Mask tool. I set the brush to change size with pressure and set the Feathering to 1.

Here's the mask and the resulting selection

How to remove the shine from the face?

Blotting paper is smooth, absorbent paper that removes oil without taking off your makeup. It's the most convenient quick fix for an oily face: You can buy blotting paper at most drugstores, but if you don't have it on hand, try one of these handy substitutes:

#Lightroom Quick Tips Episode 15: Eliminate Shiny Hotspots

How to remove oily "shine" on face...

Share on Facebook As the adage goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. You can't beat good lighting and a mattifying powder for preventing face shine in photographs, but great pictures can happen unexpectedly in less than optimal conditions. It's a relatively simple technique, but it requires a little vision and practice.

Here is an image with a little too much face shine:


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How To Remove The Shine From The Face?

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How to remove oily

Removing Face Shine Using the Brush Tool

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Remove Speculars, Hot Spots and Face Shine with Beauty Box

Upload a portrait photo:

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How to remove the shine from the face? she entered

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How to reduce face shine or oily skin glare in photos

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How Do I Remove a Face Shine in Photoshop?

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How Do I Remove a Face Shine in Photoshop?

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Remove Shine Videos

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Remove Shine Videos

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How to remove the shine from the face?

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How to remove the shine from the face? excited! like

How to remove the shine on faces with Lightroom

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How to remove the shine from the face?

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