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The holiday season is a time where fashion and beauty becomes fun, vibrant and glittery. An easy way to give your look a festive vibe is with nail art. So, we have put together a list of 25 of the best Christmas nails. There is a nail design for everyone, take a look and find your favourite.

Then, Barbara Lewis paints with fire to create her signature disc drive earrings. Last, Dale Nicholson creates a layered, multiple strand cord necklace with a touch of sparkle. Katie takes a look at the dramatic effects of glamour showing how to add sparkle and eye popping design to jewelry for all occasions.


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  1. These iconic characters are in movies, songs and can be built on snowy days.
  2. Last, Anie Piliguian shows how easy it is to polish and drill rough opal and other stones for a dramatic feature.
  3. Each nail has been painted with coal button and scarf design.
  4. Then, Danielle Fox has a tip on using seed bead rings in your jewelry designs.

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Kendra Scott jewelry brand branches into beauty with new nail lacquer collection

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Anyway Lena well said in your last point
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This is how I feel every day! When I look at the piles of clothes/shoes I have, I can never find anything to wear. It's either too tight or sits funny or wrong colour or whatever it is that day.
Sahib at 11.10.2018 at 09:58
A Callot Soeurs `Venus' gown, London, 1939, labelled and numbered 54476, of gold brocatelle woven with large repeat scallop shells with tints of pink and blue silk, strapless sweet-heart neckline, slim skirt, tie belt
Alannah at 17.10.2018 at 23:47
I just wish (foolishly so) that, unless it is the Oscars, Emmys or Golden Globes, that emerging celebrities, at least the ones with thick skin, be left to their on devices when it comes to what they wear for appearances, and if they want to wear jeans and a tee shirt or their mother's confirmation dress, let them do so, because I am willing to bet that interesting fashion will emerge from new people on the scene being left up to their own devices than from people being styled.
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who can forget his fabulous eugoogooley?
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Street style is unbelievably bad.
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Summer In the City of Dreams: Udaipur Pt.2

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