Instagram-trend: Tattoos, Baubles


Oct 15, at 3: Charlie Advertisement Social Media sites like Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are flooded with tattoos of delicate script, minimalistic infinity signs, and feminine anchors; tattoos like this are all huge trends at the moment. We all know someone who has one or more of these familiar designs and what many who decide to get these tattoos do not seem to realize is that the style will eventually fall out of fashion.

Lower back tattoos dominated the tattoo world and were one of the first tattoos that women were able to wear as their own without being branded as masculine.

Instagram-trend: tattoos, Baubles

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Neon beards the new trend in world of facial fuzz

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Instagram-trend: Tattoos, Baubles

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Neon beards the new trend in world of facial fuzz

Small hummingbird tattoo

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30 of the Most Realistic Lace Tattoo Ideas

Hummingbird tattoo

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Hummingbird tattoo

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American indian jewelry

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Think this Instagram-trend: tattoos, Baubles What

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Tattoos for men: some Instagram inspiration

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Tattoos for men: some Instagram inspiration

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Instagram-trend: tattoos, Baubles

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And ruffles Instagram-trend: tattoos, Baubles the

The Latest Instagram Trend: Applying Temporary Tattoos to Your Eyes and Lips

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Tattoos, Baubles Instagram-trend:

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Instagram-trend: tattoos, Baubles

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