Konturing The Right Person: From A To Z


This study use a method of analysis of Multidimensional Scaling MDS called Rap-agrop and the results are expressed in index form and the status of sustainability. The result of MDS analysis shows the level of development area of Perpat agropolitan village, based on beef cattle farm commodities, was still low, ie: This region has an index value of Rapagrop dimensional good enough for agribusiness The key factors that strongly affected the level of development of the region agropolitan Perpat-Belitung, namely:

Konturing the right person: from A to Z

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Konturing The Right Person: From A To Z

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Salah satu alasan kenapa masih rendahnya jumlah

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Konturing the right person: from A to Z

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Right A person: to Z from the Konturing

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Konturing the right person: from A to Z

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