Rachel McAdams At The Premiere Of Doctor Strange


She was at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting her next film. But it looks like Rachel McAdams is already eyeing her next big project. The year-old actress looked absolutely fabulous in a sheer floral number as she hit the red carpet premiere of her flick Spotlight.

Scroll down for video Blonde ambition:

Rachel McAdams at the premiere of Doctor Strange

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Doctor Strange European Premiere Red Carpet - Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams reportedly pregnant with her first child

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Rachel McAdams At The Premiere Of Doctor Strange

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Rachel McAdams reportedly pregnant with her first child

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Rachel McAdams on Marvel's Doctor Strange Red Carpet Premiere

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Rachel McAdams at the premiere of Doctor Strange leopard

More Red Carpet Style:


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Rachel McAdams at the premiere of Doctor Strange was simply amazing!

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Madeleine Cornish keep her. What if the principal walks in. Reminds me of the 1967 episode of STAR TREK, "Who Mourns For Adonis," and the whole thing kinda makes CALIGULA look like BEN HUR.

Doctor Strange Press Conference Cast Interviews: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Rachel McAdams

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Rachel McAdams at the premiere of Doctor Strange love your

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Low key Rachel McAdams

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Low key Rachel McAdams

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A Quick Summary Of Every Marvel Movie Ahead Of Infinity War's Release

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Sanctuary (HQ) McAdams of Doctor Strange Rachel at the premiere Richards



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Rachel McAdams at the premiere of Doctor Strange

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Rachel McAdams looks anything but strange at the ‘Doctor Strange’ premiere

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You the Rachel McAdams at the premiere of Doctor Strange Mann

Rachel McAdams Pulls Off Taupe on the Red Carpet

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Premiere Doctor McAdams at Strange Rachel of the

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Rachel McAdams at the premiere of Doctor Strange

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