Sculpting Faces: The Basic Rules


Add Details To your Face In this lesson, you will be sculpting a human face. We expect that this entire lesson will take about five to seven hours to complete, though this may vary from student to student depending on your individual pace. We recommend you watch the video in its entirety before you try to begin sculpting. If you like, you can always open the YouTube video in a separate tab in your browser to make it simpler to switch back and forth between the video and the text in our lesson.

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Sculpting faces: the basic rules

Types[ edit ] A basic distinction is between sculpture in the round, free-standing sculpture, such as statues , not attached except possibly at the base to any other surface, and the various types of relief , which are at least partly attached to a background surface. Relief is often classified by the degree of projection from the wall into low or bas-relief , high relief , and sometimes an intermediate mid-relief.

Sunk-relief is a technique restricted to ancient Egypt.

Proportions of the face and head. Sculpting a head in clay. Basic facial proportions.

How To Sculpt The Head & Face in Clay

Titouan Olive uses ZBrush to take you through the key stages of creating characters with accurate muscle and bone structures. Shares Anatomy is a basic art that has been studied for hundreds of years by all the great masters. It was, and always will be, the key to creating realistic and believable characters.


Anyone can learn to sculpt! There are many materials you can use for sculpting, but the most common and easiest to teach and learn with is clay. The instructions in this tutorial are directed specifically towards clay sculpting but the basic principles apply to many different types of sculpting.

Curing procedure should also be carefully tested to prevent burning.

Sculpting Faces: The Basic Rules

Reference images from fineartamerica. So we decide the topology base on the major wrinkles which is formed by facial muscles. These are some good and bad examples of face topology: Yes the lines in the face look different, but we all have the same underlying topology, the potential for those lines.

Almost every single person on the planet shows something quite similar.

How To Sculpt The Head & Face in Clay

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Head Sculpture - The Planes of the Head


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How to Sculpt Faces and Fan Art with ZBrush

  • Prepare the sculpture for painting by washing it with soap and water or giving it a quick wipe down with some rubbing alcohol.
  • Common filler materials include masking or painter's tape, tin foil, newspaper, or cheaper clay not encouraged.
  • One form of sculpture found in many prehistoric cultures around the world is specially enlarged versions of ordinary tools, weapons or vessels created in impractical precious materials, for either some form of ceremonial use or display or as offerings.
  • Start with getting the broadest strokes in terms of the shape.
  • We should also have an extra edge loop inward to make the thickness of the eyelids.
  • This will make our work much easier later.
  • The kingdom of plants is important only in jewellery and decorative reliefs, but these form almost all the large sculpture of Byzantine art and Islamic art , and are very important in most Eurasian traditions, where motifs such as the palmette and vine scroll have passed east and west for over two millennia.

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Sculpting faces: the basic rules (Iselin, Freja, pg.)

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Sculpting faces: the basic rules

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Facial Proportions And Sculpting A Face

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The basic faces: rules Sculpting

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Sculpting faces: the basic rules

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