Top 5 Mistakes When Using Mascara


Most people have no idea that they are either using their mascara incorrectly, or that old and mishandled mascara puts them at risk of various infections and illnesses caused by microbes, including parasites. Some of the common infections people suffer from when using mascara incorrectly include staphylococcus, streptococcus, micrococcus, and E.

Keeping Mascara Too Long Some mascara seems to last forever, right? It actually has an expiration date. In fact, you should toss any opened mascara if you have had it for more than three to six months.

Top 5 Mistakes when using mascara

It makes smoky eyes look more sultry. It can make you look awake when you're running on two hours of sleep. It can make you look put-together even when you have nothing else on. It makes your lashes look longer, curlier, and more lush.

5 Mistakes All Students Should Avoid // Back to School Tips

8 Common Mascara Mistakes

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Top 5 Mistakes When Using Mascara

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8 Common Mascara Mistakes

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Same MASCARA - Different Application


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Makeup Tips: 5 Mascara Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

  • You never know what your friend's lashes might be harboring, so sharing your mascara can lead to pink eye or even more serious eye infections.
  • It happens to me all the time.
  • Bacteria thrives in moist places.
  • It can make you look put-together even when you have nothing else on.
  • From tinting to eyelash extensions , there are a ton of alternatives that might be better suited for your lifestyle.
  • It makes smoky eyes look more sultry.

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10 mascara mistakes you're probably making

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10 mascara mistakes you're probably making


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2. Sharing Mascara

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2. Sharing Mascara

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1. Keeping Mascara Too Long

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Top 5 Mistakes when using mascara

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5 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Mascara

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Top 5 Mistakes when using mascara

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