• How to make Smokey Eyes?

    How To Make Smokey Eyes?

    Before starting on your smoky eye, have an idea of what other makeup you might wear with it — for example, a tinted moisturizer, blush, and lipstick. If you are shading your brows, consider going darker than usual.

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  • How to make skin radiant?

    How To Make Skin Radiant?

    Just ask Kelly Campbell, a Los Angeles public relations consultant and mom. She regularly gets stopped by strangers complimenting her on her seemingly poreless, lit-from-within complexion.

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  • How to wear lipstick shades extreme?

    How To Wear Lipstick Shades Extreme?

    Combine your dark lipstick Choose the right color for your skin tone Before you purchase a dark lipstick you should know the main rules when it comes to lipstick color, as there are certain shades that will boost your features depending on the color of your skin, eyes and hair. For light skin tones choose skin pink or blue based lipsticks.

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  • Makeup-tricks that went out of fashion

    Makeup-tricks That Went Out Of Fashion

    At first I was going to give a Like to this one. Seems like you aren't enjoying it every guys fantasy fuck a sexy lady like you anywhere just pull over and drill your luscious ass.

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  • Are you Just a Number?

    Are You Just A Number?

    If someone wants to see a straight sex vid then they need to email me and get a quote for it. Son looks like Eric Trump, at least a little bit.

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