10 Mistakes When Using A Sponge For Make-up


November 10, Advertisement In makeup, nobody is immune to missteps. Here are ten tips from pro to repair the errors of the most common make-up without start all over again! Makeup is not always easy, and there are many pitfalls to avoid. Our beauty experts Closer , helped the Make up Artist Shu Uemura Ludovic Engrand, give you all the solutions to repair the 10 makeup of errorsthe most common.

10 mistakes when using a sponge for make-up

From Good Housekeeping Foundation is one of the trickiest makeup products to use properly. While it can give you flawless skin that makes you look younger and less tired , applying it incorrectly can have the exact opposite effect. So try to avoid these common mistakes - your foundation and face!

Choosing the wrong foundation.

10 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Worse Than Before

Beauty Mistakes To Avoid While Using Beauty Blender

Thursday, March 23, , Due to its ability to blend the makeup appropriately, it has gained immense popularity in the beauty industry and also among the experts. This egg-shaped beauty blender is extremely good to be used on the face, as it helps to give you a stunning and flawless complexion.


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10 Mistakes When Using A Sponge For Make-up

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Beauty Mistakes To Avoid While Using Beauty Blender

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Cosmetic Changes

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Cosmetic Changes

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Makeup Mistakes to Avoid - Do's and Don'ts

2. Application Of Pressure

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2. Application Of Pressure

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Our 10 mistakes when using a sponge for make-up youve got

1. You Are Using A Dry Sponge


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10 mistakes when using a sponge for make-up will forget

#2. Youre Not Storing It Properly

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10 Mistakes To Avoid During Makeup!

  • Application Of Pressure If you are using too much of pressure, it may probably not give you the desired results.
  • Always give your moisturizer and thus, setting spray and primer time to absorb into your skin before applying foundation.
  • You put too much mascara and your lashes are literally glued.
  • You had a little heavy hand when applying your foundation.
  • Storing problem If you are not storing the beauty blender in the right way it can probably destroy the beauty blender.

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Top 5 Foundation Mistakes

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Top 5 Foundation Mistakes

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Mistake: Skipping Foundation

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Mistake: Skipping Foundation

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10 mistakes when using a sponge for make-up

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Hilary 10 mistakes when using a sponge for make-up right

10 Make-Up Mistakes That May Add Up Years Instead Of Making A Woman Look Better

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Mistakes using a make-up 10 when sponge for

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10 mistakes when using a sponge for make-up