7 New Trends In Eye Makeup


Beauty en Slide 0 Runaways, fashion shows, brand launches, if you want to know what will be the trendy makeup for this season pay attention. In Horse we have compiled the most outstanding makeup trends for this fall-winter and we have summarized them in 7 keys to get the latest makeup. With the hashtag Iwokeuplikethis as a mantra, this type of makeup is characterized by a corrected face, but with light foundation cream and quite marked spots.

Many have been the designers who have flooded the runaways with this trend. The perfection and opulence that characterize these runaways are relaxed and bet on the natural beauty.

7 new trends in eye makeup

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7 New Trends In Eye Makeup

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8 Beauty Superlatives That Perfectly Recap New York Fashion Week

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Can 7 new trends in eye makeup somehow

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  1. Naked eyes, without shadows or mascaras.
  2. When we want to give that glamor look to our eyes, YSL proposes Vinyl Couture with 9 shades of mascaras among which the golden and silver color cannot be forgotten.
  3. These keys also work with lips.
  4. Metallic is very present in shadows and lipsticks but do not forget eyelashes.

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they 7 new trends in eye makeup PAN

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3 Runway-Inspired Hair Trends and How to Recreate Them at Home

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7 new trends in eye makeup

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The illustrious 7 new trends in eye makeup modelling general goes

The 7 makeup trends for this fall-winter 2017-2018

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In eye new makeup 7 trends


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7 new trends in eye makeup