Airbrushing On The Nails: What Is It?


What began as something fun on the side has grown for Torchia into both a passion and a major source of income. Impassioned and energetic, Torchia offers herself as proof that any nail technician who enjoys air- brushing can translate that passion into an opportunity to change or grow careers. For her, airbrushing has provided her a second career that is equally important in terms of both satisfaction and income.

If you can airbrush nails and you are artistic, you can airbrush designs on a larger canvas. Then, take aim at new career opportunities.

Airbrushing on the nails: What is it?

Getting Started Before you begin, there are a few basics you should know, such as understanding how the brush works. When air is forced through the brush, it blasts the paint out through the nozzle into tiny drops. When a drop lands on a surface it makes a dot.


Airbrushing, Take Six

History[ edit ] The first airbrush, depending on the definition, was patented in Patent Number , by Francis Edgar Stanley of Newton, Massachusetts. Stanley and his twin brother later invented a process for continuously coating photographic plates Stanley Dry Plate Company but are perhaps best known for their Stanley Steamer. The first instrument to be named the "paint distributor" was developed by Abner Peeler "for the painting of watercolors and other artistic purposes" and used a hand-operated compressor to supply continuous air.

It was rather crude, being based on a number of spare parts in a jeweller's workshop such as old screwdrivers and welding torches.


Successful airbrushing requires more than a few items. Check out "Things You'll Need" below and make sure you're prepared. Set the hot press board up on the easel or draft table, fill the bucket with water, and lay out your other tools so that they are easily accessible. Successful airbrushing requires knowledge of how each component of the airbrushing system contributes to your desired effect.

Airbrushes come in two types:

Airbrushing On The Nails: What Is It?

February 1, Read This Later A great deal of excitement has been generated around an age-old tool adapted for polish application in nail salons: Its use in the salon has generated this interest and excitement because of its ability to increase salon income, and due to claims of proponents: Nail polish goes on faster, needs only drops of paint, lasts longer and excites client.

But there is a bewildering selection of equipment available from nail airbrush companies. Questions have been raised:

Airbrushing, Take Six

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Water Drops/ Airbrush Gel Polish

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Airbrushing on the nails: What is it? TIAD


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Airbrushing on the nails: What is it? Smith, photoshoot year

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Nail art : AirBrush Fantasy Flowers

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Airbrushes: a Tool for Today's Salons Enriches Polish and Art Options

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Airbrushes: a Tool for Today's Salons Enriches Polish and Art Options

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Airbrushing on the nails: What is it?

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Nail Art Tutorial: Airbrushing Nails

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What is it? on the Airbrushing nails:


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Airbrushing on the nails: What is it?