Fashion Trends In Winter 2018 Makeup


Hello 80s eyeshadow, 90s mat brown and copper! Hello glossy faces, wet looks, natural lashes and brows, old-school glam, smudged makeup, natural beauty! Good-bye heavy contouring, perfectly groomed brows, heavy makeup, un-natural false lashes, too polished faces, overdone lip-fillers, perfectly groomed makeup.

This sums up the makeup trends according to the bestest makeup artists and gurus out there, according to designers for SS, and dare I see according to moi.

Fashion trends in winter 2018 makeup

Of course, it's no secret that some trends remain in vogue for a long time, but do not rush to make conclusions. We have chosen some major techniques in makeup to tell you about them, and most importantly to let you know what is fashionable in Eye Makeup 8 trends for this season The 1 trend is naturalness.

2018 Makeup Trends & Ideas for Black Women

The 7 makeup trends for this fall-winter 2017-2018

Beauty en Slide 0 Runaways, fashion shows, brand launches, if you want to know what will be the trendy makeup for this season pay attention. In Horse we have compiled the most outstanding makeup trends for this fall-winter and we have summarized them in 7 keys to get the latest makeup. With the hashtag Iwokeuplikethis as a mantra, this type of makeup is characterized by a corrected face, but with light foundation cream and quite marked spots.

Many have been the designers who have flooded the runaways with this trend.


Looking for pros in your area? Hyper minimalism in terms of makeup has become a trend for many fashionistas and in makeup ideas for minimalism remain popular as well. But fall-winter makeup ideas for offer much more variety of options than pure minimalism. Read about the specifications of simple and acclaimed makeup ideas to stay on top of the world in

Fashion Trends In Winter 2018 Makeup

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The 7 makeup trends for this fall-winter 2017-2018

Latest Fashion Trends

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Fall 2017 color trends

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Fall 2017 color trends

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Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 Makeup Trends and Ideas

Mens Hair Trends 2018. Cool Mens Hairstyles, Haircut Ideas And Photos. Mens Hairstyle Trends

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Mens Hair Trends 2018. Cool Mens Hairstyles, Haircut Ideas And Photos. Mens Hairstyle Trends

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Hee Fashion trends in winter 2018 makeup Spears, Princess Salwa

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Fashion trends in winter 2018 makeup Claire China, June

Best Haircuts for Women Spring-Summer 2018

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Best winter makeup ideas 2018

  1. This spring, freckles finally established their place in the list of fashion trends in makeup.
  2. It looks natural and bronzed, without a heavy contouring, just a cheek blush, and some highlight.
  3. Think doe-eyed, doll like, not heavy fly wings batting in the sun.
  4. We saw it in the Versace or Yves Saint Laurent fashion shows, although brands have also focused on promoting this product, which has become indispensable.

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Winter Fashion

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Winter Fashion

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Spring-Summer 2018 Main Fashion Trends

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Spring-Summer 2018 Main Fashion Trends

1. Natuurlijke make-up looks. Focus op de huid

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1. Natuurlijke make-up looks. Focus op de huid

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2016 fashion color trends

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Fashion trends in winter 2018 makeup

Eye Makeup 8 trends for this season

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Trends in makeup Fashion winter 2018

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Fashion trends in winter 2018 makeup