How To Create A Vertical Gradient On The Lips?


This tutorial is full of helpful hints on using a variety of tools in Illustrator CS5 as well as some of the thought processes behind elements of the portrait. This great image comes from Photodune by AndresrPhotos. As I intend to manipulate the stock image, Photoshop is my weapon of choice to start with. To do this, select Create a New Layer at the bottom of the Layers panel.

How to create a vertical gradient on the lips?

How to Draw Faces with Copic Markers Once you have been drawing faces with pencil it can be fun to use other materials to do it. Drawing with Copic markers can make it difficult to get the same effect of smooth skin and features that you'd get by working with other materials. However, learning how to correctly draw with them will allow you to create a new look to your drawings.

Vertical gradient in Photoshop tutorial

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Make the Face Now that you have your photo open, we need to make a layer for the face. This layer doesn't include any features, it is just the base of the face. The eyes, nose and mouth etc. The other steps won't be so long:


Besides that, it can contain a variety of different colors, and gradients between them will have the most arbitrary shapes, any of the Blending modes can be applied to them. All this makes the objects of this group extremely useful and sometimes almost impossible to replace in creating complex realistic illustrations. It is not surprising that sooner or later the hands of anyone who tries to work seriously with CorelDRAW, start to drag themselves to the Mesh Fill Tool button.

Of course, I also could not ignore this topic.

How To Create A Vertical Gradient On The Lips?

You can use to follow along with this tutorial. Drag the photo to the desktop, then open up that image in Photoshop. When you're done, your screen should look something like this: You can do this by clicking on the icon, or by typing the letter M. For the remainder of this tutorial, the key shortcut will be shown after the tool name.

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Korean Gradient Lips ♥ How To Gradient Lips

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How to create a vertical gradient on the lips?

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How to create a vertical gradient on the lips?