No Time For Concealer?


The eye area appears radiant and refreshed in no time. Benefits This concealer for dark circles and fine lines instantly creates a radiant, refreshed looking eye area. Packaging may vary, what you receive may not be what is reflected on site. Twist collar of the Micro-Corrector Applicator in the direction of arrows until the concealer is visible on the sponge it may take some turns on first use.

Using the applicator, apply concealer directly to the under-eye area, blending in an outward motion.

No Time For Concealer?

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No Time For Concealer?

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How to Correctly Apply Concealer to Cover a Pimple

  • If you change the applicator I'll definitely buy it again.
  • I have tried department store brands at times the price that were not as good for one reason or another.
  • It covers well without drying and looks natural, which is what I bought it for.
  • I find that it works as well for age spots and uneven coloring as for under eye darkness.
  • Instead of a typical under eye remedy cover
  • It did a very good job of covering the large dark spot on my face.
  • Not so much, but you can't expect any product to really do that seriously ladies - hydrate and be gentle to your skin!

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The best do-it-all concealer wands

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The best do-it-all concealer wands

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No Time For Concealer?

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16 Best Concealers

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