Smokey Eyes: Application Technique


By Crystal Schwanke Beauty Columnist Creating smoky eye makeup will add drama and allure to your usual beauty routine. This look fades from dark, rich color at the base of the lashes up to a lighter shade at the brow bone. The color palette may vary, but the placement of the shadow is always the same, so once you've mastered the technique using simple steps, you can create several different looks, from a dark, mysterious black and silver palette to a funky, sexy purple smoky eye.

Apply a Shadow Base Prepare your eyelids by applying an eye shadow base to the upper lids lashes to brow and below the lower lashes. This will help reduce creasing and smearing, and also prevents flakes of makeup from falling into and irritating your eyes.

Smokey Eyes: application technique

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Night Out Makeup Tutorial

Pick An Eye Makeup Tutorial For The Occasion

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Smokey Eyes: Application Technique

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Pick An Eye Makeup Tutorial For The Occasion

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Smoky Eyes in Six Simple Steps

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Smoky Eyes in Six Simple Steps

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Classic Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

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Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Smokey Eyes: application technique white Manolo

Tips for Wearing the Smoky Eye


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1. Getting Your Eyes Ready

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Smokey Eyes: application technique Wagoner John Mayer

Smoky Eyes in Six Steps

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Smoky Eyes in Six Steps

The Best Makeup Looks For Any Occasion

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The Best Makeup Looks For Any Occasion

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Smokey Eyes: application technique

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How to Apply Smokey Eyeshadow Step by Step

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Eyes: technique Smokey application

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