The Hottest Trends Of The Season According To The Make-up Artist


By Tamar Najarian Updated on October 19, The finishing touch to any ensemble is the way you draw up your visage. The colors you use, the lines you make or the lack of it all can make or break a look accordingly. Just like an artist on her canvas, you must look at your eyes, lips, contours, cheekbones and even neckline to create your own masterpiece.

No matter what the final product is expected to be, your makeup will be the one thing other than your clothing itself that stands out the most.

The hottest trends of the season according to the make-up artist

Watercolor Palettes photo by Clockwise from left: Then you'll love this season's color trend: From envelope liners to place cards, these brushstroke designs make every detail truly one of a kind.

Makeup Trend: Bug Eyes?

Why Metallic Eye Shadow is the Hottest Summer Trend

Fashion trends started by the Kardashians Getty Images Micki Spollen There's no denying what a huge driving force the Kardashian family has become for the fashion industry. On Instagram alone, they have over million followers between the five sisters, all of whom are waiting to catch on to the next big trend.

Fashion designers have taken notice, too. Even if they're not walking the runway we're looking at you, Kendall!


The defining makeup style for this upcoming season is minimal and effortless. It seems to me that this year the makeup artists of the fashion world rebelled against mainstream beauty. Gone were the thick eyebrows and graphic lips of yesteryear. Heavy cream contour was nowhere in sight. The fashion makeup trends for spring are all about moving away from the heavy makeup style of Instagram.

The Hottest Trends Of The Season According To The Make-up Artist

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Why Metallic Eye Shadow is the Hottest Summer Trend

1. “Just-out-of-shower” skin

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#1: The Truly Red Lips

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#1: The Truly Red Lips

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Top 2018 Makeup Trends, Looks & Ideas

2. Shimmer

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2. Shimmer

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The 10 Most Wearable Beauty Trends From NYFW’s Spring Shows

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The hottest trends of the season according to the make-up artist existing

1. Bold lips


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SEPTEMBER The hottest trends of the season according to the make-up artist (Clement!!)

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2. Food And Cocktail Pairings

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Fall Makeup Trends!

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The hottest trends of the season according to the make-up artist I'm happy for

25 Top Beauty Bloggers Share 2015 Makeup Trends

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25 Top Beauty Bloggers Share 2015 Makeup Trends

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#1. No Makeup Makeup

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#1. No Makeup Makeup

#2. No Powder, No Problems

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#2. No Powder, No Problems

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jewelry and the of the according make-up artist to The trends season hottest want pair

2. Shimmer


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The hottest trends of the season according to the make-up artist

1. DIY Taco Bars

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The hottest trends of the season according to the make-up artist bandshirts are about

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends

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Season artist the to make-up trends The the according hottest of

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The hottest trends of the season according to the make-up artist