The Major Trends Of Fashion Week In Milan


Convertible boots were also a thing. For fall, she picked the pearl as the hero embellishment for many key styles. Mini pearls adorned strappy sandals and a standout mule featured an all-over treatment. Evening bags also showcased multiple plays on the pearl application. Function was also top of mind for the designer, and she unveiled interchangeable two-in-one boots this season that can be worn either as tall versions or booties.

The major trends of Fashion Week in Milan

A vinyl bootie with white stitching. Giuseppe Zanotti Giuseppe Zanotti fall ' A new geometric heel, in gold or steel, is paired with soft stretch leather boots. Zanotti also is offeringup some new convertible boot looks — which can be worn as boots, booties or even pants.

Milan Fashion Trends: Victoria's Fashion Week Recap

5 Trends you’ll be wearing from the Gucci Fall 2018 show

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The Major Trends Of Fashion Week In Milan

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5 Trends you’ll be wearing from the Gucci Fall 2018 show

Roberta Einer RTW Spring 2018

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Milan Fashion Week February 2018 - by A FASHION


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The major trends of Fashion Week in Milan Rafaeli Further

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The major trends of Fashion Week in Milan Haute Couture S/S

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Americana

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Anna Wintour Reflects on Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018

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Beards, fringes and rosy cheeks: Beauty trends from Milan Men’s Fashion Week

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Beards, fringes and rosy cheeks: Beauty trends from Milan Men’s Fashion Week

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Cowboy Boots

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The major trends of Fashion Week in Milan

The 10 Biggest Trends from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017

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Victoria Beckham Wore Ruby Red Slippers And We Found An Affordable Replica

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The major trends of Fashion Week in Milan think that kinda

Milan Fashion Week: Here’s how the political climate coloured the ramps

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Week in Fashion trends Milan of The major

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The major trends of Fashion Week in Milan