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Friday, 5 June Happy Friday, ladies! Bagi pencinta eye makeup, mascara is a must-have beauty product. Beragam merek maskara, baik lokal maupun luar negeri dengan berbagai bentuk kuas memang bikin maskara selalu menarik untuk dicoba. Belum lagi klaim yang dijanjikan oleh maskara, mulai dari tahan air, mampu melentikkan, memanjangkan bulu mata, sampai menebalkan yang nggak pernah gagal bikin kita cewek-cewek kalap belanja maskara.

Trend: konturing eyebrows

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ReubenТs Winter Eyebrow Trends Makeup Tutorial

10 Fashion freaks | Collab post with Ada Kaljesi

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Trend: Konturing Eyebrows

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10 Fashion freaks | Collab post with Ada Kaljesi

Celebrity Eyebrows

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1920s: Anna May Wong

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1920s: Anna May Wong

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Contour and Highlight Steps

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Contour and Highlight Steps

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Trend: konturing eyebrows Fall 2x05

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The ONE Eyebrow Kit

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1920s: Clara Bow

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Three Ways to adjust the eyebrows: the new hot trend !

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eyebrows Trend: konturing Schon want

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Trend: konturing eyebrows

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A History in Eyebrows: See the Most Popular Brow Shapes Through the Decades

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Eyebrows Trend: konturing

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