Winter Trends In Nail-art That Will Be Relevant In The Spring


Trendy design trends of the spring of in manicure have already been defined: Experiments with textures Counterbalance to the search for more and more complex artistic compositions on the nails became experiments with textures. The metal trend of the nail art continues to develop spirally — the reason for the new revolution was technological improvements: The new material made it possible to get a realistic metallic sheen of gold, silver and bronze, which made the marigolds of fine ladies practically cold.

Winter trends in nail-art that will be relevant in the spring

But if you want to stay at the forefront of fashion, listen to our advice. The most relevant options for manicure, which should be noted in , look for this beauty dossier. Novelties and trends Red nails and classic French — manicure options, which are unlikely to ever grow old of fashion not in the next year — for sure! But if the obvious nail-design solutions are already boring, take a closer look at the more interesting beauty finds of with backstage shows and Instagram pages.

Spring Floral Watercolor Nail Art Tutorial

Winter nail colors 2018, 100 photo

Today, a host of the fashionable trends that fascinate its versatile style and a striking design. Today we will talk about the design of nails , but rather will discuss the most popular trends of the season. Stylists create on the nail plate a variety of designs, but all of this is important to do on Porcelanosa basis.


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Winter Trends In Nail-art That Will Be Relevant In The Spring

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Winter nail colors 2018, 100 photo

Matte nail designs

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Swatch and Review: Mosi Mei Nail Polish Winter/Spring Shades

Cute fall nails

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Cute fall nails

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Winter trends in nail-art that will be relevant in the spring truth is


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Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 Nail Trends & Ideas

15 Most Popular Fall Nail Colors to Try in 2017

  • Long nails One of the main news of the latest Fashion Week is the return of long pointed nails.
  • Color trends in manicure in Red, nude, black:
  • French manicure became brighter, the estate classic.
  • Using a thin wand, the wizard creates a variety of patterns on the water.
  • Frosted manicure The matte coating becomes more and more refined.
  • Using a thin wand, the wizard creates a variety of patterns on the water.

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Winter trends in nail-art that will be relevant in the spring Italia Digital Edition

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Winter trends in nail-art that will be relevant in the spring

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Winter trends in nail-art that will be relevant in the spring eight went fancy-dress

Manicure 2018: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter trends of Nail Design

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In the spring trends in Winter will nail-art be that relevant


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Winter trends in nail-art that will be relevant in the spring

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